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The Art of Dance & Music. 

First in a series from InkLink Arts and Culture.

It’s February. Love for the Arts takes on special meaning with Valentine’s Day. Love has a language all its own and visual and performing arts speak what words alone might not.

The pandemic lockdown changed the world. Those virtual Valentine’s Day programs have been replaced by a changed landscape as performing artists who moved home found new ways to thrive here in New Hampshire.

Manchester New Hampshire Dance Roots

NSquared Dance company has set down roots in Manchester. These dancers who have toured throughout the United States since 2014 have found new ways to grow right here. Both deeply experienced as well as enthusiastically new professionals have come together from vastly different backgrounds in a shared love of performance dance. The company has a goal to build on a foundation of versatility and flexibility which is so very appropriate for these times.

I spoke with company member Sallie Werst about their upcoming show and fundraiser taking place on Sunday February 18 at 4 p.m. at The Rex Theatre. Flexibility allows them to transform Valentine’s Day, a mid-week experience this year, into a theme that lets them share their skills and raise money and awareness for the future of local dance.

The show, called A Continuation of Love, explores many levels of love through a series of dance vignettes. NSquared will reveal both the shadow of past experience while also delivering a taste of what’s to come. The event will include catered food, drinks, a silent auction and dancing, lots of performance dancing.

Dance as a Catalyst for Change and Action

Young people are finding ways to utilize the arts when words alone fail to create the changes they seek.

Sallie Werst’s comment that “it is very hard to explain the feelings that can be the catalyst for change and action” reminded me of my previous conversation with Danny Rivera who also performed at The Rex. He, like NSquared, views Art as a Tool for Social Change. I dare say this is not a coincidence. The Rex is at the center of these crossroads of access and opportunity. The Rex itself has become a vehicle for performances that will change culture if we nurture the opportunities presented to us.

We all know It takes a village to grow community. We have an arts village right here in Manchester that can thrive, lift up, and engage the broader community.  Simple economics rewards the places where we make our investments. We need to support the Arts with our time, our attention, and our dollars.

Young people are finding ways to utilize the arts when words alone fail to create the changes they seek. They are not tethered by old rules and formal structures. They recognize that Art facilitates action. Art leverages emotion in good ways.

NSquared invites you to purchase tickets and support their fundraiser for the future. Ink Link News, Arts and Culture is happy to help boost their visibility. We begin our spotlight with Rachel Bobek, who hails from New Boston NH.

Rachel Bobek Hometown: New Boston, New Hampshire

photo of Rachel Bobek at dance
Dancer Rachel Bobek. Photo credit | Tim Avery

What excites you the most about your participation in the February performance?

I am particularly thrilled about the opportunity to once again perform in front of the community, especially at a captivating venue like The Rex Theatre.

Where are you in your career aspirations and dance performance journey? 

I am a freelance dance artist performing, teaching, and choreographing throughout New England. One aspiration I am looking to achieve is becoming a New England Patriots Cheerleader, where I will have the opportunity to perform on one of New England’s biggest ‘stages’ as well as connecting with local fans at community events.

How will your role share feelings of fun and playfulness and how will it engage the audience?

In Nsquared’s February show, I portray the feeling of being in the moment. The performance explores different aspects of relationships with friends, family, and lovers.

Why should a non-dance person attend?

This show is for everyone, not just dancers, as it offers a connection to the universal feeling of love. In addition to the dance performances there will be a fundraiser and silent auction where you can support Nsquared Dance and have a chance to win exciting prizes!

image of dance fundraiser NSquared at the Rex

An NSquared Dance Fundraiser: A Continuation of Love!

A Continuation of Love extends the Valentine’s Day theme into the weekend. Join NSquared Dance as they dive into the many levels and spirals of love through dance! Flooded with vignettes, this fundraiser performance gives the audience a serving platter of what NSquared is capable of! Join us for catered food, drinks, a silent auction, and incredible dance performance

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