Celebrate July 7: World Chocolate Day

Established in 2009, World Chocolate Day marks the presumed anniversary of the day chocolate first appeared in Europe around 1550. You can read this detailed description of the chocolate processing steps  and a number of  other related chocolate holidays  but we’d rather focus on our own local, passionate and successful chocolatier, Richard Tango-Lowy.

World Class Chocolate Crafted here.

Richard Tango-Lowy

Richard Tango-Lowy is owner and Master Chocolatier of Dancing Lion Chocolate. He teaches classes and has mentored multiple generations now of up-and-coming chocolatiers, whether it’s World Chocolate Day or not.

For many years now, Dancing Lion has been creating world class chocolate and art. Much of what they produce is almost too incredible to eat. But, I took photos and we did eat it, encouraged by Rich with his comment, “eat good chocolate, save the world.”

Manchester Celebrates the  world’s best chocolate

You don’t have to go far to find the world’s chocolates waiting for you right here in Manchester on Elm Street at the Dancing Lion.

If you don’t know the place or don’t know Master Chocolatier, Richard Tango-Lowy, you are in for a treat in more ways than one.

Rich got serious about chocolate back in 2007 after taking master class programs in France and Tuscany. He began teaching and developed more classes followed by travel to Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, and Granada. Chocolate became his way of life.

On January 9, 2024 he announced to his friends and loyal following that he had been named the president of the board of Heirloom Cacao Preservation (HCP). As a partnership between the USDA and the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, the HCP formed in response to the global pressures of environmental change, deforestation and economic influences that threatened the world’s supply of high quality flavorful cacao.

This isn’t about stopping climate change. As Tango-Lowy says – if there is horrendous climate change, worrying about chocolate will not be the top of mind for most of our planet’s inhabitants. Right now though, helping the livelihood of farmers and farming communities and educating the public to the diversity and flavorful heirloom cacao varieties is a first step.

He believes that HCP is “the most important organization in the Fine Chocolate industry” and aligns perfectly with Dancing Lion Chocolate’s worldview. Together they are on a mission to discover, identify and preserve Heirloom cacao varieties, conserve biological diversity, and empower farming communities.”


In a phrase that has become a simple way to enlighten others, he says simply, “Eat good chocolate, save the world.”

In a quiet way, Rich is having impact globally and locally. He brings through interns and apprentices, chocolatiers in training who recognize high quality chocolate for serious chocolate aficionados.


Dancing Lion is an art studio. Each piece of chocolate is uniquely handcrafted and presented in a classy way. This is wonderful edible art. These are not chocolate pieces that you cram into your mouth. Rather, like a fine wine, you savor a bite and pay attention to what your mouth and tongue discover. Sweet notes, savory sensations. Even afternotes like coffee or spice reveal themselves slowly.

Rich wants to talk about chocolate. How cacao is conserved, grown, harvested and turned into a full sensory experience.

The best way to experience good chocolate is to visit the shop on Elm Street and sit down to what is listed on the menu as Chocolate Service for two. My first experience was with publisher Carol Robidoux a number of years ago. Carol knows the best places for food and drink around our city. In a leisurely manner, we were treated to some mighty fine hot cocoa and chocolate treats.

My second deep dive into the world of heirloom cocoa was with student contributor Talia who writes about her own first experience in a guided tour through the art of chocolate.

For Chocolate lovers

My limited ability to sketch human figures was offset by the magnificent chocolate invite. photo | Keith Spiro

For Valentine’s Day this year, Dancing Lion offered a limited seating chocolate experience. Six tables for two, fully subscribed over a couple of days. Rich and his staff offered an exploration of some of the rarest and best of cacao. Special heart encrusted chocolate bars made for a wonderful surprise notice to my wife that we had reservations.

Dancing Lion has several chocolate adventure courses.  But if all you want is to learn about and eat good chocolate, this is the place to do it. Learn from a master.