Life can be prickly


by Jeff Rogers

Life Can Be Prickly

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No one has ever accused To Share Brewing of not being lively. And how do you know you’re really alive? By the challenges you face.

Owners Aaron and Jenni Share are facing a big one now — Jenni has breast cancer, and she is dealing with it very much in her way, pragmatically, effectively, and getting s*** done in spite of it.

The brewing continues, the business continues. The beers continue to be delicious. (Just yesterday I had their Prickin’ Awesome Gose after some yard work and it was perfection.)

It’s important to note that Jenni’s cancer was discovered early and the prognosis is good. She is now into the ongoing march of chemotherapy, infusions, surgery, and radiation treatments. But the treatment is costly and donations are welcome. And there will be fundraising activities. Below are some words from the To Share team….

A couple months ago, our Jenni Share received life-altering news and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has begun chemotherapy and will spend the remainder of 2024 in a combo of infusions, surgery, and radiation treatments. While it was caught in the early stages and the prognosis is optimistic, there has been an outpouring of folks asking “What can I do to help??”. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming but so very appreciated. Those who know Jenni know she would much rather assist others than receive any sort of help (or attention) but fighting cancer isn’t cheap and we’ve assured her that it’s time to let this community lift her up and love her back.

So, what are we going to do? Frankly, we’re going to Keep F-ing Going. On August 18th, there will be a walkathon in support of Jenni and her journey with an initial goal of raising $30,000. All funds raised will go directly towards Jenni’s medical expenses with any remainder to be allocated to Ink 4 Pink, a NH-based nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that breast cancer survivors feel at home in their bodies through nipple, breast, eyebrow and scar camouflage tattooing.

We’ll be posting updates and details on the walk on the brewery’s social media accounts (@tosharebrewing) and this Facebook Event.

If you’re looking to help our Jenni, who has given so much to this community, create a fundraiser to participate in the walk or make a donation of any amount. We suggest raising $400 for any individual to walk or $1,000 if you want to pull a team of people together.

Just know that all she requires to keep fighting this battle is the community that she loves so much, to have her back.

Thank you so much for your support and kindness during this difficult time. We will provide updates as the Keep F-ing Going Walkathon shapes up and as she continues to kick cancer’s ass.

— Aaron, Blue, Mary and the To Share Team

Donate at the follow web page:

Keep F-ing Going!

And keep visiting To Share for their wonderful beer!

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