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NOTE: All information provided by Manchester Police Department. If you have questions or issues with arrest log information, click here for MPD contact information or to fill out a contact request form.

Manchester Police: Who to contact by department

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Other online services

Just In Case Program

Download the “Just In Case” Registration Form

The Just In Case Program is a comprehensive city-wide registry of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia-related disorders.  As its name might suggest, the Just In Case Program functions as an emergency tool in the event that an individual wanders and becomes lost or disoriented.  Manchester Police officials may then refer to the Just In Case database for easy identification in order to provide a quick and safe return of that individual.

This program is also used to identify people in our community living with disabilities.  Registration in this program alerts the police to a person’s diagnosis and emergency contact, as well as what both calms and triggers the individual, so police officers can better respond to a person’s individualized needs during an encounter.

The program consists of a digital photo of the individual along with personal information (name, date of birth, address) along with emergency contact information and any important medical information.  This information will be kept in the Manchester Police database and remain confidential.

The Manchester Police Department will accept registrations from residents of the cities and towns of Auburn, Bedford, GoffstownHooksettLitchfield, Londonderry and Manchester.

Chief Aldenberg

MPD on Facebook – This is where Manchester Police currently post all public press releases. You can click through directly to the page on Facebook.

NEW: Check out Manchester Police Department’s interactive crime dashboard.


Daily Police Activity Log

Lists daily police activity by date, location and incident number.


Weekly Arrest Logs

Current week only, updated weekly on Fridays. Details names and addresses of those arrested and incident number.

MPD Wanted List

A running list of those wanted on active outstanding warrants.

⇒ Click here for crime data map dashboard – you can search crime by location, date and time

 This week’s interactive Crime Map and Data below (June 28-July 4, 2024)

CLICK ⇒ 2023 Crime Statistics (as reported through Dec. 2023)

Manchester Police Strategic Plan 2024-2029

Reactive Calls – Call for service that result from a community member requesting police response to a problem.

Reactive Call Type TreeMap (the blue boxes): A visual representation of the Top 5 reactive calls that officers respond to.  The size of each box is proportional to the volume of calls.

Common Reactive Call Types

  • Check Condition of Subject:  A member of the public calls the police requesting an officer check on an individual.  The could be for a wide range of reasons from a family member who they cannot contact, to a mental health call, to someone who appears to be in distress.
  • Check Area for Problem:  A member of the public calls the police advising there is some kind of problem that they need an officer to check on.
  • Unwanted Subject:  A member of the public calls the police requesting an officer remove someone who is not wanted.  This could be from a business or on someone’s property.
  • Accident:  A motor vehicle accident
  • Alarm Burglary:  An alarm that has been activated at a residence or a business and the alarm company’s central station has alerted the police to respond.
  • Average Total Time on Call (minutes):  The average time a reactive call for service takes from the time an officer is dispatched until they clear the call.
  • Median Total Time on Call (minutes):  The median time (in minutes) a call for service takes from the time an officer is dispatched until they clear the call.

Proactive Calls –  Call for service that is initiated by an officer.

Proactive Call Type TreeMap (the blue boxes):  A visual representation of the top 5 proactive calls that officers respond to.  The size of each box is proportional to the volume of calls.

Common Proactive Call Types

  • Special Attention:  An officer who is conducting a directed patrol in a certain area.  These are usually generated at the request of the public for the police to focus on a particular area or address.
  • Hotspot Patrol:  A directed patrol in an area identified as a “hot spot” of crime.  Officers are deployed to these areas as a crime prevention strategy.
  • Business Check:  An officer who is checking on a business.
  • Traffic Stop:  A motor vehicle stop being conducted by an officer.
  • Check Subject:  An officer conducting a proactive check of someone acting suspiciously or someone who needs police service.
  • Violent Crimes:  UCR Part I Violent Crimes- Homicide, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault.
  • Property Crimes:  UCR Part I Property Crimes – Burglary, Theft, MV Theft, and Arson

Manchester Police 2023 Crime Report: Read the full 47-page report below.

Read the May 2024 (most recently posted) minutes of the monthly Police Commission minutes.