Morgan looks to be an advocate for Ward 1

Chris Morgan. Courtesy photo

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Chris Morgan this week announced his candidacy to become the next alderman from Ward 1.

A Manchester native, Morgan is best known as the former varsity boys’ soccer coach at Trinity as well as the founder of several youth sports leagues across the city.

Morgan says neighbors and business owners near his home have told him about vandalism, drug use and trespassing in the area. The need for doing something was magnified for him when a coach in a league he runs stepped on a discarded needle during a game at Livingston Park.

“As Ward 1 Alderman, my position will be to protect the families and businesses while being a strong advocate for them,” he said. “I have sat back far too long and witnessed this city in decline and realized the only way I can help make change for the better is to have a seat at the table.”

Morgan added that money spent by the current Board of Mayor and Aldermen on initiatives such as the rebranding of Manchester could be better spent on public safety and building upon the efforts of non-profit organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, in fostering greater civic engagement.

“We have 25,000 kids under the age of 18 according to the last census and less than five percent are playing recreational sports,” he said. “We need to provide better city services for the youth to play sports, partake in the arts, and other activities that keep them focused on positivity and staying out of trouble.”

The current Ward 1 candidate Kevin Cavinaugh, recently announced he is campaigning for the office of mayor.

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