Chamber provides presentation on remote working

MANCHESTER, N.H. – While COVID-19 has significantly impacted the business world, the pandemic may have just sped up changes already taking place according to a recent online event held by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

Last week, the Chamber presented “Preparing and Supporting Your Remote Workforce,” a program designed to help businesses adjusting to remote workplaces featuring Ryan Robinson, Chief Service Officer at Manchester-based Mainstay Technologies.

While the event was originally scheduled before the pandemic hit the world, the mass closure of businesses across the Granite State provided extra resonance to the program’s topic as many New Hampshire businesses migrate to home office situations due to COVID-19.

Although he said that many businesses transitioning temporarily to remote operations with the short notice given by the current crisis have found the process stressful and may even feel its temporary. However, he’s advised against this sort of thinking, stating that this crisis will only accelerate ongoing trends.

He also noted that while other times of stress in recent years such as 9/11 and the Great Recession also provided eventual benefits after efficiencies arose out of that stress, and that this current situation may provide the same opportunity.

“There are long term consequences for all of this and the best thing to do is consider (remote working) as something you’re working toward organization towards, especially with the move toward remote work, that’s most liking going to be a long-term shift,” said Robinson. “Even if it’s not 100 percent, maybe it was zero percent (before) and now it’s 100 percent, it’s probably not going to go back to zero percent. It’ll probably become 60 percent or 80 percent, and when you think that way, you become better with your investments.”

The presentation was the first of several online presentations scheduled by the Chamber. More information on the presentation and other information on the Chamber Is available at