Communicast: York IE tackles the launch of a Startup Services Practice during a pandemic team welcomes Kate Campbell, VP of Startup Services Practice.

Communicast talks with some of the team at York IE as they launch a Startup Services Practice during a pandemic. Why not! It’s the perfect time to be the lead disruptor.

Launching today right here in Manchester, New Hampshire, York IE startup Services Practice is centered around the company’s vision that every startup has unique needs and is best served by people who have the hands-on experience in all aspects of start-up life. Katelyn Campbell is the newly announced Vice President who will lead this services practice.

From their press release:

“The current services that help startups grow are either too expensive, inaccessible, laggard or out-of-touch with what startups need — speed, urgency and accountability to outcomes.

We are committed to providing a true partnership and sharing what we’ve learned over our years as operators,” said Kyle York, CEO and co-founder, York IE. “We are building a vertically integrated next-generation company to help reshape how startups are built, scaled and monetized. Our services offering plays an important role in us achieving that vision.”

Clockwise, from top left, Adam Coughlin, managing partner; Keith Spiro, Communicast; Kyle York, CEO and managing partner; Katelyn Campbell, VP.

From my #communicast conversation:

I worked for six years in Kendall Square and continue to be immersed in the world of entrepreneurs and startups.  I can comfortably say that this is no Silicon Valley or Boston-based boutique dabbling in a fashionable way with startups. This team has real-world experience, as entrepreneurs and investors with $16 million invested in 70+ companies and 17 strategic exits. They are “Honest, Hands-on, Hungry” but they also are thoughtful and use their collective experience to craft support programs around the unique needs of each startup.

Kyle York says they are the extension of the C-suite for startups. They transform expertise into process and systems.  York IE has developed a flexible model around three areas that are most impactful for organizations looking to scale:

  • market and product strategy
  • business growth strategy
  • marketing and communications services.

The motto of New Hampshire is Live Free or Die and they clearly feel that way about their work. They love what they do and bring that passion, experience, and expertise to every interaction.

Taking the example from their own experience, they address the question of how to scale by programatizing and systematizing their practices. Since quietly launching back last September, they’ve worked and measured these very processes through their own investment portfolio.

This is a strategic advisory investment and operational growth firm. Kyle talks excitedly about how this practice was put together. They had the vision and they had long proven experience with Kate, who today is now officially appointed as Vice President to lead the services practice. This is Katelyn Campbell. Not new to the company or team, she is well-grounded in their business with 10 years of working for an integrated marketing and communications agency and has the skills to discern the critical path to success for clients. “Find the right people,” says Kyle and they will help accelerate what you’re trying to do.

This philosophy is fundamental to success in start-up world and in business in general. The right people and the right team on top of a strong tech platform pulled together by experienced leadership will outperform all others. Kyle and the York IE team have created a resource hub for fast-growth startups with the ability to take them from ideation to IPO.

Actions speak louder than words, listening before speaking working closely with entrepreneurs and angel investors to help them realize a shared ambition to build good companies, create new jobs, grow generational wealth and impact the world, these are family values. The founders at York IE bring those values to focus on client success.

All the parts come together because it’s an integral connection. You can’t have tech without human. You can’t have success without systems and you need systems that are translated to users and the database to store it all. “It’s amazing to watch this whole team come together,” says Kate.  Hired in the middle of a pandemic, never having set foot in the office and working remote, Kate is the embodiment of The future of work and the flexibility and creativity that’s needed to stay successful.

Trust and partnership are recurring themes. Solving problems rather than being transactional in nature make this team strong. In a world driven by sound bytes with short, consumer attention spans, communications comes down to one word, SIMPLIFY.

Disrupting the very disrupters that navigate the world of startups, York IE has taken the best of their inside experience in the world of startups and launched their startup services practice, the same way you’d want to launch a company. Their ethics and work culture is one of constant learning, changing and adapting newly acquired skills and knowledge to the field. This is an organization to watch. And if yoú’re a startup entrepreneur with a solid technical vision, it’s an organization to talk to.

Here’s to your success!

Keith Spiro is a business strategist and community builder with a keen interest in working with high impact startups and other organizations that can make a difference in community and health.