June 20 Planning Board: Saving excitement for the June 21 draft zoning reveal


A new draft zoning ordinance will be presented on Friday, June 21 at 6 p.m. in the Aldermanic Chambers. City staff will provide a comprehensive walkthrough of how the draft was created and what it means for the city as a whole. If you cannot attend the presentation in person, it will be broadcast live on Manchester Public Television, Channel 22. More information is available on the city’s Land Use Code website.


The Planning Board will meet on Thursday, June 20 at 6 p.m. for a brief business meeting. The only item on the agenda is a review of new applications for Regional Impact and comment by the Manchester Conservation Commission. If you cannot make the meeting in person, it will be broadcast live on Manchester Public Television, Channel 22. The agenda is available online.

The Planning Board also met on Thursday, June 6 and the following applications were decided. If you missed the meeting, it is available on-demand via Manchester Public Television.

  • CU2024-007 & CU2024-008: 71 Myrtle Street, Applications approved.


The Zoning Board met on Thursday, June 13 and the following variances were requested. A recording of the meeting is available on-demand via Manchester Public Television.

  • ZBA2024-027: 87 C Street, Tabled.
  • ZBA2024-038: 398 East High Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-045: Oakland Avenue, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-046: 225 Spruce Street, Variance granted for 8.04, 10.06(A), and 10.09(B). Variance denied for 6.03(C).
  • ZBA2024-047: 458 Lake Avenue, Tabled.
  • ZBA2024-049: 143 Warner Street, Plan modified and variance granted for 8.29(A)3 on 2 counts.
  • ZBA2024-050: 268 South Elm Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-051: 518 Gold Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-052: 18 Independence Lane, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-056: 306 North Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-057: 231-233 Spruce Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-058: 173 Eve Street, Variance for 6.03(A) granted, variance for 8.29(A)1 granted with stipulation that the variance stays with the homeowner and will expire if the property is sold.
  • ZBA2024-054: 135 Webster Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-059: 70 Walnut Street, Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-063: 22 Salem Street,Variance granted.
  • ZBA2024-028: 170 Cleveland Street, Variance denied.
  • ZBA2024-065: 63 Lilac Court, Variance granted.