Levasseur enters Congressional race to support Trump agenda in D.C.

Alderman Joe Levasseur as seen on a TV screen speaking at a Trump rally in Manchester during the 2024 NH Primary. Screenshot via YouTube

MANCHESTER, NH – Alderman At-Large Joe Levasseur on Friday – the final day of the filing period – announced his intention to run for the Congressional seat currently occupied by Democrat Chris Pappas.

Levasseur, on his fundraising page, says his purpose in running is to support Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda.

As a proud supporter of President Trump’s America First agenda, I am running to restore conservative values, protect our freedoms, and put New Hampshire back on the right track. Our district deserves a representative who will stand up for our interests, not rubber-stamp the radical policies of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. Unfortunately, Chris Pappas has shown time and again that he aligns himself 100% with their liberal agenda, ignoring the needs and values of our community.

In an interview Friday with WMUR Levasseur said he thinks Democrats have been “infected with some kind of maddening disease, a virus of some sort that has pulled them so far left that they can’t get out of it,”

He also acknowledged that he is a political showman.

“I do have two or three personalities,” he said. “One is alderman. One is a TV show host where I’m an entertainer, which is about getting people fired up and getting them on the show. And then I’m an attorney. And when I go into a serious negotiation or I go into these meetings as an alderman, just like I do when I go in a courtroom, I’m very lawyerly. I’m very respectful.”

Levasseur dismissed his GOP opponents as “milquetoast Republicans” in a statement made to NH Journal.

A campaign video that appears to be a mix of mid-20th century nostalgia and AI-generated imagery, was posted on YouTube Sunday and refers viewers to his campaign fundraising page.