‘Pandemic Posies’ on display at pop-up art exhibit by Kevin Kintner

Pandemic Posies by Kevin Kintner.

MANCHESTER, NH – Since this horrible pandemic shuttered people back in March I’ve been painting.  The world had become full of anxiety and fear and my first instinct was to paint those stressed-out emotions on canvas.  In my mind, in the news, in the world out there everything seemed bleak, heavy, dark.  But it turned out what I needed to paint was escape.  I wanted bright color and energetic light and joyous movement and something alive.

Some of these paintings from this year are now on exhibit in downtown Manchester, at 814 Elm St.  I guess they are floral-themed though no actual flower species is directly reproduced.  I see them as garden paintings or landscapes or space-scapes but ultimately escapes.  I hope you get a chance to view them, the building is open Mon.-Fri. from 7 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

This exhibit will run at least through October 2020.  Alongside the Pandemic Posies is “WAVES” an eight-foot painting produced at the beginning of 2020.

Fresh new artwork by Kevin Kintner on display at 814 Elm St., in Manchester, through the month of October.

I will be there often myself and if you want to ask about the work in person contact me for a masked and socially distant appointment. 603-682-0797.