Pending agreement announced for new Beech Street School location

The new Beech Street Elementary School is planned to be housed across Beech Street from the current one in what is now Sheridan-Emmett Park. Screenshot/Google Maps

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Manchester Joint Schools Building Committee Chairman Jim O’Connell reported on Tuesday night that an offer has been submitted by the Amoskeag Trust to the Manchester School District that would allow the construction of a new Beech Street Elementary School at Sheridan-Emmett Park.

O’Connell said that there was agreement in principle with lawyers representing the Manchester School District and City of Manchester taking a look at a letter detailing the agreement next week. In the agreement, he added that the reconstruction of basketball courts and playgrounds at the site of the current Beech Street Elementary School.

The new school upon completion will house the current Beech Street students as well as students from the closing Wilson Elementary School. For now, many students will be housed in modular classrooms at Beech Street as well as the city’s four public middle schools as those middle schools complete renovations to finalize the addition of fifth grade students.

According to David Saindon of LeftField Project Management, only Hillside Middle School is waiting on materials for the modular classrooms, with modulars at all middle schools and Beech Street ready to be occupied by students as of Aug. 16