Review: NSquared Dance at The Rex – creative, emotional, multifaceted performance

photo of the two leads Nathan Duszny and Rachel Bobek in “Love, Lust, and Rock ‘n Roll.” Courtesy Photo

MANCHESTER, NH – It was a privilege to watch the NSquared Dance performance, “Embodiment and Emotions” at the Rex Theater on October 8.

The venue fits a cozy 300, and by the time I bought tickets, there were only a couple of pairs of seats left in the last two rows of the balcony. But not to worry, there are no bad seats at The Rex.

From my seat I could see the entire theater, and every dance move. The lighting, which included some pretty incredible background video effects, uniquely accented the music and the dancing. The music started with a recitation of the inalienable rights of being human, quoting from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Then the dancing started.  The first half of the show moved seamlessly from set to set, using classical music, and accenting emotion through ballet and athleticism.

It was incredible. I am not a dancer myself, or a critic, so I can only tell you that each performance was multifaceted and amazing.

The creativity of the artistic directors and dancers was even more highlighted during the second half of the show. The dance performances were choreographed to 1980s pop music, combining jazz, ballet, athleticism and ‘80s dance moves. Whether on the main floor or the balcony, it was clear that the audience was completely in sync with the performers.

Attending this performance will make me watch more of NSquared in the future. Congratulations to founder and creative director, Nick Neagle, artistic director Zackery Betty, and the incredibly talented NSquared dancers.

Their mission statement starts:

“NSquared Dance strives to: energize audiences through movement, enhance creativity, artistry, passion, and drive of youth and aspiring dancers, and enlighten the community about the importance of performing arts education and to further its integration into our everyday lives…”

Please read more about their company and its mission, at