Two Manchester reps reject House hate crime bill

MANCHESTER, NH — By a vote of 234-69 the state legislature recently passed a resolution, HCR 13, condemning hate crimes and any other form of racism in New Hampshire.

Rep. McLean

Among the 32-person Manchester delegation, two representatives, Mark McLean, R-District 44, and Kathleen Souza, R-District 43, voted against the bill.

Rep. Souza

In discussing her vote, Souza said, “We’re all opposed to hate crimes, but this is a feel good, accomplish nothing bill, paving the way for a bill that would do something. Buried in the list, it had to do with sexuality and gender identity. It is a forecast of some other regulation that could force people to act against their conscience. It could have to do with the bathroom bill, exposing our children to sexual predators, and exposing our children to people of the opposite gender. I don’t feel comfortable being pressured into political correctness.”

When reached for comment, McLean said, “All people are the same in the eyes of the law.  When violence in enacted on any person it is to be condemned equally, regardless of race, religion, sex, or orientation.”