VIDEO: Bear stops by Ash Street Inn looking for late night snack

Above: Video captured by Ash Street Inn co-owner Rob Wezwick while out walking his dog late Saturday night. 

MANCHESTER, NH – Rob and Marg Wezwick have had their fair share of characters come through the Ash Street Inn. Some more mannerly than others. The young black bear who stopped by for a late-night snack Saturday did not stay long enough for a please or a thank you, but he sure stopped Rob Wezwick in his tracks.

“I was walking my dog and filmed from across the street. I couldn’t go home until he left,” said Wezwick, who had the presence of mind to film the bear while trying to keep his dog, Finn, quiet.

“We waited a little over five minutes,” said Wezwick, who filmed the bear which can be seen tipping a bird feeder to look for food. “Finn was amazingly quiet and just kept looking and sniffing the air. Once [the bear] headed down Pearl toward Beech we went home.”

While it’s not uncommon for bear to make their way to the big city, it’s always exciting for those who witness it.

Earlier in the day the bear was spotted napping in a tree at an undisclosed location downtown, and photographer Jeff Hastings captured a beautiful shot. Hastings reported that NH Fish & Game were aware of the bear and were keeping an eye on it.

Bears are always seeking easy food sources and bird feeders are especially enticing. Fish & Game advises people to remove bird feeders by April 1 to avoid luring bears to their properties. You can read more tips from Fish & Game here.

A yearling black bear naps in a tree in downtown Manchester on May 10, 2014. Photo/Jeffrey Hastings