Manchester Ink Link hit 25 million views this week and we’ve got to make sure it’s just getting started



Stand up. Speak up. It’s your turn.

Manchester Ink Link has surpassed 25 million views. What began in June 2014 as an ambitious idea to connect the community through a reliable local news source has, as of last Sunday, Nov. 12, 2023, ahchieved 25 million views – and still counting. I could say Carol started the InkLink on a shoestring budget way back then and has been wildly successful, but that would be a lie.

That’s a lie because she started with nothing and, more than nine years later, has worked her way up to a shoestring budget.

I’m confident our city loves her just like I do; confident our city has much admiration and respect for her. Much love and respect is due to ManchesterInkLink, and all of the people and businesses associated with it. Manchester is not deserving of Carol’s devotion to her business. She is devoted to Manchester, and the InkLink named after it. She’s worked every day, seven days a week, morning noon and night for nearly 10 years, and still counting, and I need to fix that.

My father helped me to realize many years ago, “Time is the one commodity you can not replace.” So Carol must succeed in that we can’t go back to 2014 and get a do-over. We are now well into this, with 10 years invested. Now is the time to be wildly successful. It’s literally been earned seven ways to Sunday for 10 years, and finally our time.

So please join me James Robidoux, Carol’s husband, as I add my name to the list of full-time Ink Link contributors.  No longer “jrmetalman” as my email states, but in my retirement from a long career in manufacturing, I now aspire to be Ink Link salesman, bookkeeper and whatever else is needed to assure success.

Failure is not an option and nearly impossible, considering 25 million views.

I’m quite sure the next 25 million will happen in the blink of an eye. So please don’t blink when I come to you. I’ll be looking for opportunities for all of us to grow. Sales create salaries and jobs create economy, so I’m letting Manchester know…I’m coming for you.

Our goal at Manchester Ink Link is to be the catalyst for a dynamic economy in this, New Hampshire’s Queen City. We want to connect readers and businesses with the stories and information that matters most.

(And if you want to meet me halfway, feel free to reach out at and let me know how you’d like to help support and grow the Ink Link!)

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Jim Robidoux is recently retired after more than 45 years in precision sheet metal fabrication. He is married to Manchester Ink Link publisher Carol Robidoux.