Pedals & Pathways: Public group rides, community market, planning commission survey + more

Navigating Manchester’s Urban Paths

Hello Manchester! We are back with our recurring column about adventures in our lovely city on foot, scooter, bicycle, etc. The worst of the pollen seems past and sunny days are still great. And a little invigorating exercise is always welcome.

In this edition, let’s talk about ….

  • Ride with us! Public summer group ride schedule
  • Mast Road Community Market @ Jacques Flowers
  • What is Multimodal Transportation?
  • City Bus to Great Cedar Swamp Hiking Trails
  • Survey to Make Our Roads and Streets Safer
  • Bike Tire Pressure and Calculator
  • USB Rechargeable Electric Tire Pump

Come Ride With Us!

It’s nice outside, so let’s ride! A whole batch of community bike rides are planned for this summer, some trail rides, some road rides. 

Click here to see the schedule of rides.

Mast Road Community Market at Jacques’

As previously mentioned in InkLink on April 7th, this community-focused market is planned in the spirit of the old fruit and farm stand at Jacques Flower Shop & Garden Center that many readers may recall. The goal is to bring back a local market featuring the farmers and makers in the community, creating a place where neighbors come together and support the Goffstown/Pinardville community with a focus on farm fresh vegetables, locally sourced products, artisans, and live music at each market. See the image for more details. Jacques is next door to Electric You Hair Design, often with a bright yellow Mazda out front.

What is “Multimodal” Transportation?

Multimodal transportation is a term that includes public transportation, rail and waterways, bicyclists and pedestrians. Multimodal transportation supports all users whether they choose to walk, bike, use transit or drive.  It means more connections and more choices. Multimodal transportation is designed to be affordable and efficient.

Many cities are taking action to improve their citizens’ lives by embracing multimodal transportation, to make their streets and roads safer and accommodate all forms of transportation. A good example is Memphis, Tennessee. Read more here about the transformation of Memphis.

City Bus to Great Cedar Swamp Hiking Trails

Speaking of “multimodal transportation,” here’s a good example: hop on a bus on the gritty streets of downtown, jump off in the peaceful woods for a relaxing short hike on a trail designed to accommodate all persons (literally).

For $2 and 37 minutes you can ride from downtown Manchester’s Veterans Park to the Great Cedar Swamp Preserve, where you can walk among giant rhododendrons and lush ferns, strolling along an all-persons trail which is ADA compliant, meaning the trail surface is even, and easy to navigate.

Additional features include:

  • Benches for resting as needed
  • Boardwalks and overlooks for safely observing any terrain type
  • An audible interactive trail experience called Travel Storys for those who are vision or hearing impaired
  • The parking lot and trail marker signs make it easy for everyone to enjoy

Full bus schedule here.

Read more about the Great Cedar Swamp here.

Read more about the All Persons Trail here.

Help Make Our Roads and Streets Safer!

Where do you feel unsafe when you travel in your area? Do you have ideas about how to make it safer? Tell us what you think!

Our survey should take about 7-15 minutes to complete, and all responses are kept confidential. Please complete your survey by 07/14/2024. The Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission thanks you for your participation. We appreciate it!

See the survey here.

Bike Tire Pressure and Calculator

Unsure of the proper air pressure for your tires? There are plenty of on-line calculators that can help. Some are simple, some are complicated. Here are a few:

USB Rechargeable Electric Tire Pump

When you ride, always bring a spare inner tube. You never know when you’ll get a flat but you can bet it will be far from home. That means you’ll need a pump too, to inflate that tube. Here’s one that takes up little space, and on top of that it will save you some manual labor.

See the pump here.

Disclaimer: I have not used this device myself. If you do, let me know how well it works, because it looks really handy!

Call for Input

We very much want to hear from you! Do you have any questions or concerns? What topics would you like us to cover? Send your feedback our way and we’ll get on it! We want to ensure this column meets your needs.

Stay safe and have fun out there!