Time travelogue: Take a nostalgic trip to the good ol’ days of Manchester

Making these videos has become more of just a hobby, reminding everyone of the good ol’ days of Manch. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I cherish the memories I have growing up here as a kid in the ’70s and ’80s, and would love an endless flow of photos from that era to make my videos.

But since being granted access to the archives over at the Manchester Historic Association by Mr. Manchester himself, the great John Clayton, my Manchester videos have become a part of my life; just like the city I’ve lived in all my life is.

It used to be, I would search the Internet looking for photos of Manchester, and then as I built the video, a song or two would come to my mind as I looked through them, and suddenly, I had my video. Now, as I search through the thousands of photos at the archives of the MHA, I’m learning things about Manchester I never knew before — about places we all drive by thousands of times a year.

It’s completely fascinating.

I’m sitting here making these videos, putting really cool old photos to tunes I grew up listening to as a kid, just doing something I love, and then all of a sudden I’m getting educated. And I didn’t even realize it.

And that’s exactly what happened with my new video, “Manchester, NH: TIME.” There are so many beautiful things about this city I learned about while I made this video that I had no intention of learning. I just wanted old pics and cool tunes. What I ended up getting was humbled by the beautiful history that surrounds me every single day.

This city is full of wonderful things. You just need to look for it. You’ll find it. In fact, no matter what you look for, you’re going to find it.

Paul Cormier is a videographer, DJ, radio personality and lifelong resident of Manchester, NH. You can reach him at paul.mpts@gmail.com