‘This is the true strength of the city of Manchester’

MANCHESTER, NH – “When our community has something fantastic going on, we show up and we support each another. And this to me is indicative of the vibrant community we have here,” said Mayor Jay Ruais at a kick-off for the new Street Team on Tuesday morning.


The seven-member team will work Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Anthony Brockenberry is excited to get busy as a member of the Street Team. Photo/Carol Robidoux

Anthony Brockenberry says he’s ready to get to work as part of the Street Team. He moved to Manchester from Connecticut three years ago and has no regret.

“I’m just trying to bring energy, hardwork and leadership to the job,” Brockenberry said. “Keeping the downtown clean and bringing the positive energy will make a big change. “And with the homeless people, we can probably change lives – especially with the police working along side us.”

The Street Team will work out of the Welcome Center at the corner of Elm and Merrimack Streets for the next year as part of a pilot program. The cost of the program, $532,301, includes the cost of salaries and equipment (see presentation below for more details.)

Alderman Pat Long said the Street Team will be good for the downtown and should make businesses happy. He mentioned that the Park Ranger positions created by the city were on the agenda to be dissolved by the board of aldermen.

“It became a ‘dealing with the homeless’ job. Those positions will be turned over to the police who will have details in the parks,” Long said. “We need more permanent spots for them to go.”

Moving people who are homeless from one place to another is not a solution, Long said. He would like to explore the idea of adding social workers to the Street Team as has been done in other markeets where StreetPlus operates.

Director of Economic Development for the city, Jodie Nazaka, who has been steering the effort to bring a Street Team to Manchester. Photo/Carol Robidoux

Below: A presentation made to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen by StreetPlus president Steve Hillard and Alderman during the July 2 meeting.